Our Hemp Tea (officially: hemp 'infusion') is made from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. At the time of harvest have also been formed starting seeds in the flour, this will therefore also be in the tea blend.


We do the Hemp Tea loose in the package, so no tea bags. So we can keep the leaves pretty big. You can thus see exactly what you get and do it yourself in your tea infuser. Moreover, it saves the costs us again so we can give you more hemp value.


Hemp Tea is a mild, fresh, light sweet tea with a slightly pungent aftertaste. Some people compare the taste of green tea, but less bitter.
Others call it weather a fresh version of a chamomile tea. Anyway, hemp tea has a very own taste and it applies here: one sip says more than hundred words.  So try and see for yourself!


Hennepblad bevat het bestanddeel Cannabidiol (CBD). Inmiddels wordt dan ook, vooral in de VS, de CBD uit de bladeren en bloemen van de plant geëxtraheerd en gebruikt als voedingssupplement.

De hennep thee bevat slechts een zeer lage concentratie CBD. Geniet van deze pure, zuivere en (h)eerlijke hennep thee.

Stoned of high?

Hemp Leaf contains the ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD). For centuries the plant was therefore used as a medicine for various ailments, and now this activity is rediscovered.
There are more and more studies showing the positive impact of CBD on the immune system and the central nervous system. In the meantime, is then also, especially extracted in the US, the CBD from the leaves and flowers of the plant and used for the treatment of, inter alia, muscular disorders, depression, insomnia, and inflammatory diseases.
Hemp tea contains only a very low concentration of CBD which it can not be classified as a medicine.

Enjoy this pure, pure, honest hemp tea.

Can you be stoned of our hemp tea?
No absolutely not. Our tea is being made from the so-called "hemp" plants with a very low THC content (less than 0.2%). There you get so no psychoactive effect, and this variation may simply be grown in the Netherlands. In comparison, for a marijuana cigarette is usually used a hemp variant which contains from 5 to 20% THC.