Healthy plant products

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Fiber hemp, special from nature

Did you know that car doors and dashboards are hemp made? Or that hemp is also used in bags, ropes and textiles, and this much is environmentally friendly than cotton for example?

Hemp has many uses which we still use in everyday life, but most people do not know.

Healthy, environmentally friendly and pleasant to use in everyday life.

Overview of what you can find on our website

Mission and Objective

The goal of Healthy Plant Products is to  introduce in a positive way all the applications that exist with hemp.

Our mission is to convey that to a large audience and to lower the threshold for the use of our products and hemp to make our products affordable.

You will find also a lot of information on our website about the operation of the hemp plant and what products we can offer. Because for us, the hemp plant is a healthy plant of a special kind!