Hemp foodstuff

With hemp seeds, flowers and leaves, countless of products are and can be made heaps of products! From flowers and leaves, tea can be made, just like Dutch Harvest did. The superfood hemp seeds contains many healthy benefits!

Health benefits from hemp seeds 

Hempseeds: the seed that can almost do everything!  

  1. It is allergen free.
  2. Full of proteins and fibres
  3. Contains omegas 3, 6 & 9
  4. Contains vitamines A, D & E
  5. Does have a full amino acid profile
  6. 100% plant-based


Surprise yourself with these tasty products below.

European brands Good Hemp (UK) and Hempions (Austria) took hemp seeds as their main ingredient in their products and created superb, tasty, plant-based (biological) products. Hempions' products are all biological. Dutch company Dutch Harvest made different biological hemp teas from Dutch soil!