Healthy Plant Products is a one-stop-shop of noteworthy hemp products for consumers and retailers.

We can provide you with all kinds of products, packaging, qualities and private labels.

We are Kees Valstar and Christian Buitelaar and together we are passionate entrepreneurs with an eye for people and nature. When we first got to know all the possibilities of the hemp fiber, we were immediately enthusiastic.

We wondered why the positive properties of the hemp plant that are underexposed, while it has so much to offer. That equals what our mission is all about. The special and make positive characteristics generally known and public opinion change this.


Perhaps if you know more about the hemp plant and also tried our products, you can be just as excited about this. For us there is another world opened, who will follow us!


Missie en doelstelling

The vision of Healthy Plant Products is to let you get acquainted with the positive and good side of industrial hemp.


Our mission is to reach a vast audience to whom we create more awareness regarding hemp. We want to lower the barrier of being financially unable to afford hemp products by offering these at a low price.

Healthy Plant Products is member of different independent organisations to assure and guarantee transparency and profession 



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