What is CBD oil?

The cannabinoids from cannabis works in the body including in the own physical (= endo) cannabinoid system. This system affects many important processes in the body, such as pain perception, appetite, relaxation and spasms. It consists of receptors, endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids), and enzymes that produce these substances and break down.

Receptors are large, complex substances (usually proteins) that are in the cell wall. This acts as a key in the lock, if the substance fits well into the complex structure of the receptor, then there may be a reaction to be initiated.
By making use of products with CBD may reduce the symptoms or may sometimes occur even recovery. This is because the body responds going to make this additional cannabinoids and example more receptors. The body could be brought back into balance in this way and recover.


CBD is cannabidiol that affect the body recovery system. The body takes advantage of lack of medium to promote the recovery of mental and physical disorders.


With H'oly CBD oil you can add to this the daily recommended amount of 25 mg per day by adults.

What's CBD and why our body reacts to this

In the Netherlands (legal) hemp is grown in abundance . The leaf and flower of the hemp is the substance cannabidiol indicated as CBD.

Various studies have shown that CBD has a number of positive effects on symptoms of various diseases. This is because CBD contains endogenous substances that are important for control of processes in our brains. These endogenous substances ensure the healthy balance in the human body. This is called the endocannabinoid system and is the link between mind and body and affects both nerve-protective and anti-inflammatory processes. That is also the reason that CBD can have a positive effect on mental disorders. For example, in anxiety, psychoses, schizophrenia and ADHD. But also on body inflammation CBD may have an anti-inflammatory effect.

We use CBD in an optimum rate for our H'oly CBD oil, so that the positive effect of which is maximized for you.

Source publication: Research Golden State (more information follow the link below)




Examples of disorders in which CBD oil can have a positive effect, are:

  • depression, PTSD,
  • brain injury (such as stroke: stroke, cerebral infarction)
  • spinal cord injury
  • different types of dementia (Alzheimer)
  • diabetes, cardiovascular diseases
  • various inflammatory diseases such as gastroenteritis, nerve inflammation, arthritis, sepsis and liver inflammation
  • chronic pain caused by various diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) and peripheral nerve damage.

CBD and science

Dr. Christina Sanchez is one of the leading researchers in the field of inter alia CBD. The effective results of the cannabis and CBD, it has become known worldwide to demonstrate in its investigations. This was an important turning point for the image of the hemp plant.

Here she talks about the effects of cannabis and CBD regarding the positive effect of several serious conditions.

Product information

These product data sheets explain the origins and production process of CBD oil.

Product data sheet CBD oil 4% raw with organic olive oil
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Product data sheet CBD oil 10% clear with organic hempseed oil
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