Hemp deodorant


Made on the basis of hemp seed oil, arnica, zinc, beeswax and an infusion of olive leaf, cat's claw and coriander. This effective hemp deodorant uses only natural antiperspirants and antibacterial agents. The best of all is aluminum-free!


Aluminum is linked to contributing to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. There is another reason not to use aluminum-based deodorants. This is because aluminum-based complexes react with the electrolytes in the sweat to form a gel plug in the channel of the sweat gland. The plugs then prevent the gland from secreting fluid, which is the natural way in which the body releases toxins.


Ingredients: Beeswax, Zinc Oxide, Hemp Seed Oil, Arnica Oil, Propolis, Cat's Claw, Coriander, Olive Leaves, Water.


Deze deodorant is zeer geschikt voor de gevoelige huid en werkt anti-transparant, voorkomt geurvorming en transpiratie vlekken.