Hemp Tea - Hemp & Herbs


This Hemp & Herbs Tea is a fresh mix in which the herbs every good tasting his. Peppermint and ginger give this soft hemp herbal tea some extra zing. The tea includes relaxing herbs including chamomile, peppermint and marigold.


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Taste: Hemp & Herbs tea tastes soft, fresh and has a lot of flavors.


Ingredients: Hemp Leaf, flours and seeds * (65%) ** chamomile, peppermint ** ** ginger, lime blossom and marigold ** **.



Shake the bag just to let mix the spices
Let the tea soak in for 5 to 7 minutes.
* Our hemp tea is completely organic.
** All added herbs are bought as certified organic. As we repackage but this weather we can not officially carry the organic certificate. All the herbs are completely natural and contain no added or flavoring.

Content: 40 grams